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Properties making the Macaroni Valuable



Macaroni is the product of a friendship of the wheat that has been the main nutritional source fo the people for thousands of years with water that is the source of life. Shaping the dough consisting of hard durum wheat semolina and water in the moulds and then pre-cooking; the story of macaroni is that simple. p>


Superiority of macaroni over the other foodstuff results from its functionality that arises from its simplicity. Having ability to harmonize with almost all vegetables, spices and savours in the world, macaroni may turn into the main dish, while it may sometimes be consumed as entree.


Although macaroni is consumed together with ketchup, sauce, cheese and yogurt in our country, indeed interesting combinations can be made with meat and vegetable varieties as well as sea products. With these characteristics, macaroni sometimes becomes the special of a chef, mostly the indispensible of the single and student houses and sometimes it is the saviour of the housewives.