Beşler Makarna (Beşsan Makarna Gıda San. ve Tic. A.Ş.) was founded on 5 July 2004 as an investment of Beşler Grup in macaroni sector, which is also operational in oil, starch/glucose and feed sectors as well as the biggest flour plant of Turkey.

Beşler Makarna plants founded in Gaziantep Başpınar 1st Organized Industry Zone consist of a closed area 18.500 m2 on 37.960 m2 area.

With a daily production capacity of 380 tones, it is one of the biggest macaroni producers in our country.

Beşler Makarna, which is among the biggest 1000 export firms of Turkey, carries out export to about 100 countries to a large extent and conducts production with the trademark of the customers from time to time apart from its own trademarks such as Santa Sophia, Beşler, Beşler Glutensiz, Pastacity and Gonca. Also, production of macaroni cookie is carried out under the trademark of Kıtlax in our plants. 

Beşler Makarna, which has annually 155 tons wheat crushing capacity, employs 240 employees.


General Information:
Annual wheat crushing capacity: 155.000 ton
Wheat storage capacity: 21.000 ton
Number of Employees:  240



Beşsan Makarna, which has made no concessions on quality and food security from the raw material up to the final product phase since it became operational, was granted the “Golden Brand” Award by Association of Protection of All Consumers (TTKD) thanks to its consumer oriented approach, and also was granted the title of “The Most successful Company” by Turkish Food and Industry Employers’ Union (TÜGİS).

Beşsan Makarna , which has given great importance to quality works since it was founded in order to institutionalize, to provide customer satisfaction, to produce added value for its business partners and to become one of the leading companies in its sector, has participated in National Quality Movement coordinated by Turkish Quality Association (KalDer) within this scope and has been granted the 5 star-“Competence in Excellence” Title by European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) as a result of improvements it has made.



The macaronis and semolina produced in Beşler Makarna plants are distributed all over Turkey via the distributors in 81 cities. The products are served to the consumers in so many sales points throughout the country as well as the national chains such as Tesco Kipa.

The company carries out export to about 100 countries in Europe, Far East, Middle East, America and Africa to a considerable extent.

Tasting activities are carried out by mobile vehicles at so many sales points related to Beşler Makarna.



The macaroni produced from 100% hard durum wheat in our computerized production plants is controlled by the experts before and after the process. The products passing through laboratory controls in every process are packaged according to international standards and in hygienic conditions and presented to the taste of the consumers. Beşler Makarna, which is aware of its responsibility to the consumer, feels the right proud of carrying out its operations in accordance with ISO 9000 Quality Management System and ISO:22000 Food Safety Management system and offering the consumers the best.



To be the best-recognized Turkish brand in the world’s pasta sector.


To be a company which increases brand recognition in national and international arena by expanding advertisement and marketing network, produces high-quality products in the pasta sector, is aware of the social responsibility, is environmentally conscious, provides value added for country’s economy, leads the way with R&D activities and creates awareness and is focused on the satisfaction of all stakeholders.