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Properties making the Macaroni Valuable



1- It gives energy, make feel full; it is friend of the body. The glycemic index of macaroni is very low. As the complex carbohydrates in macaroni mix with blood slowly, no sudden insulin increase is experienced in the body, the blood glucose remains stable.  Via this way, the ones eating macaroni do not get hungry quickly; their energy does not decrease quickly. Furthermore, macaroni decreases the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. That is, it does not exhaust the body, its digestion is extremely easy. Thanks to these properties, it can be easily used in weight-loss and preservation programs, to detoxify the body and also nutritional programs for the ones having cardiovascular diseases, the ones having high cholesterol and blood fats and the ones suffering from constipation. Complex carbohydrates and nutritional fibers also enable the nutrition and energy of macaroni to be gradually absorbed by the body and provide the preservation of blood glucose and a balanced nutrition intake. Thanks to nutritional fibers, bowel cancer is also prevented. The nutritional fiber amount in macaroni is 1.6- fold higher than flour, 1.65-fold than spinach, 3.6-fold than tomato and 2.2-fold than radish. As it contains fat at a very low level (~1%), it does not cause weight as it is believed. It is a food that can be used in diets. Therefore, as the glycemic index (GI) of macaroni is low, it prevents storage of high amounts of fats and sugar in the body.


2- It saves time. Makarna can be easily and quickly cooked. Though its cooking time varies according to its type, you can cook the macaroni you wish in maximum 10 minutes. Considering that its sauce can be prepared while the macaroni is being cooked, we come to the conclusion that macaroni is the most quickly serviceable meal. So, both energy and time are saved thanks to macaroni.


3- It makes contribution to family budget. Macaroni is cheaper than so many foods. Even when compared to bread, it is cheaper than bread on a weight basis. With this property, it is the meal with lowest cost.


4- It is compatible; it does not make any trouble. One of the most important properties of macaroni is that it mixes up with so many tastes and can be adapted to every taste. Macaroni goes with perfectly with every kind of meat and cheese, sea products, every kind of vegetables from tomato to zucchini, from eggplant to artichoke, and every kind of sauce and spices from mayonnaise to mustard, from thyme to cream. That is, it is harmonious, it form a friendship with every kind of sauces and ingredients.


5- Its nutritional value is high and calorie is low. Macaroni is a source of protein with the high nutritional value, as it contains many vitamins and proteins. It contains most of the amino acids that are not produced in our body and has to be taken with food. When mixed with dairy products such as meat-chicken-cheese or legumes products, its protein quality gets higher and becomes a meal that contains all amino acids required for human life.


6- It is endurable, can be stored for a long time. Macaroni can preserve its freshness for 24 months as long as it is stored in appropriate conditions. Therefore, it is one of the foods that are endurable and appropriate for stock. The fact that it can be stored for a long time without spoiling adds a special value to macaroni.


7- It addresses at everyone, it is a family food. There is no one, who does not like macaroni. If it is prepared with the favorite sauces, macaroni becomes a meal that gathers the whole family around the table. Spaghetti, spiral, lumache, farfalle Charleston, Thimble, vermicelli...
There certainly one favourite type of macaroni for everyone.