Beşler A La Turca Makaroni Restaurant



Beşler A La turca macaroni Restaurant offers totally new tastes with optional paste sauces, pizzas, rich beverage and dessert varieties as well as different pasta varieties.


At Beşler A La Turca, you will have difficulty in choosing which menu among our macaroni menus that are healthy and nutritional, but you will certainly find an option that best suits to your taste.




Beşler A L a Turka Macaroni Restaurant offers novelties such as fresh macaroni as well as very different macaroni meals to the people of Gaziantep. The “Fresh Macaroni” consisting of Tagliatelli, Lamache, Linguini, Big Fusilli varieties obtained by mixing the macaroni dough in a small machine and cutting them in different ways gains great appreciation.


Whether you like meat or you are a vegetarian, you will certainly find tastes as you like and meet totally new tastes at Beşler A La Turca Macaroni Rastaurant.